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Mar 12, 2011 11:15pm EST
, right? and they america's favorite team. >> right. >> and that is just a game. one. get to the finals and lose a heartbreaker. >> then he had the nerve to say it was the media. >> and he let this out. >> right. >> and first of all, if you have guys crying -- . >> uh-huh. >> you have bigger issues and sick of all -- everyone else is standing around and pray he makes it and of course. >> you think hofstra should be out? >> i think with the tears. >> uh-huh. >> he should be gone. >> the crying game is over. >> and that is tough to say. >> did you see kendall walker in. >> i heard. >> and is there the best killer crossover you have seen? >> okay. >> and this is -- and gary mcgee of pittsburgh. and is -- he fell down the rest of his life and that is you had he's going to be remembered. >> first of all -- . >> and down he goes. >> yeah. >> and that is impressive but not as -- and that crossover. >> yes. >> that was good. it was kind of a, you know, and as a little guy. >> yeah. >> and in georgia legend. >> you were more impressive? who was the king originally. >> yes. yes. >> and this is a
Mar 20, 2011 11:15pm EDT
thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america oh, oh, oh ♪l-laxu >>> welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> welcome back. in friday's game mike morrison posted his first double double of the season. today against ohio state he scored six points and grabbed four rebounds. morrison will be back next season. he joins feldy in cleveland. >> reporter: mike, it's not the way you wanted it to end. the good news is you get another year to come back. cam and isaiah don't, but give me your thoughts immediately following this game because ohio state played so well. i don't think it would have mattered if luke played or anyone else played. they were pretty much on fire. >> one, we definitely would have wanted to have like, but you can't worry about that. he got sick and that's part of life. first our team doesn't need to hang their heads. we know we didn't play to the best of our ability, but we made it here. we can't look down and look back at our season, one of the best in school history. so don't look down at yourself. just keep playing. >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2